Special Posts

Other than the regular posts that appear on this blog, you might request a study or a topical post which will be posted on this page. You can either leave your topical request here or you can contact me for any special request that you would like met. May God bless you as we interact.

4 thoughts on “Special Posts

  1. Hei T…
    Been reading your posts as they come and must admit you are a blessed servant of God…keep walking and don’t quit till its done….Am just wondering, could you please write something about listening to God’s voice or something to do with how do i know when He speaks?

  2. Thanks T….

    May God increase your knowledge of His word. I pray to keep on walking so that i can understand His will for me and that I may grow more like Him each day!

    Bless your heart!


  3. You are welcome. I can only pray that my shortcomings and struggles can add value to others. It also encourages me to forge on, knowing that our common goal, which we eagerly await, seems brighter with adversity……
    Big Smile, Keepon 🙂

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