The world is full of troubles and heartache, ups and downs, happy times and sad times, like, for example, the untimely death of a loved one, the unexpected lawsuit that claimed your savings, unruly children, a failing business, a repossessed car……….the list is endless….
So what are we to do? Should we sit back and let things play out? Is this what they call fate? Why do such unfortunate and undeserved things happen to me?
Well, this may not entirely answer all this questions, but it will surely help. This post will try and cover this as comprehensively as possible, and upon continued revelation on the subject, the post will be updated.

First of all, my view of all of life’s challenges lies in their inevitability. There is just no escaping these challenges, and sometimes, the final outcome. This sounds like a defeatist approach, and to a certain degree, it is.
When you have tried long and hard to make something work out, and it still doesn’t work out, most people would tell you to give up.
My university senior year project was an automatic egg incubator, a computerized device. I had it all planned out, all the parts and software for the microprocessor chip were ready. Two weeks to the deadline, I finally got the chip programmed, but it didn’t work. I tried all that I could, but the chip would not budge. My fate was sealed. I got so desperate and discouraged, that I settled for a lower grade. For an honor’s student, this is a big fallout. I still dread the memory of the grueling period of the incubator construction, but you know what? I’ve decide to go back to the drawing board, and start from scratch. As a personal incentive, it probably won’t make me feel better that I failed the first time, but it’s good not to give up. Keep trying, do not relent. That’s the attitude God wants from you. “”I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world”.” (John 16:33).
The outcome may be out of your control, but your effort isn’t. Whatever it is you are going through, don’t sit in the mud, you have controll over your efforts to solve it, or endure it, but don’t give up..

7 thoughts on “Control

  1. Thank you Tito,
    am so inspired by you. Listening to your test story and your determination inspires keep on not give up, ..forgive me for inserting a “BUT” coz there are things in life that are almost a grantee they can never work. Think of a situation where your not giving up on something starts hurting others, what should one do in such?

    1. I guess I’d have to say it depends on the ‘something’ that you are not giving up on, but I can generally say that your efforts should not be such that others get hurt in the process, perhaps there’s an easier way? Mind elaborating on the situation? Sorry for fishing for more information.
      You should ask yourself the following Question: Is what I’m trying to accomplish building my character positively? At the end of the day, the greatest reward for your endeavor should yield positive results.

  2. It’s alright to ask for more details. It’s matters of the heart and i wanted to have an insight of what the Bible has to say about it. am going to be on the point for am sure someone out there might be helped through this. Should i keep loving someone who one, might have felt the same way but i think lost it and two, might never feel the same? You don’t have to give the answer but advice will be great esp on what the Bible have to say. Thanks again xo xo

  3. Matters of the heart are pretty complicated, such that solutions to such matters are not always clear or forthcoming. Allow a little time to consult with the Bible, and I will reply soon. Hang in there….

  4. There is nothing wrong in loving someone, in fact, we are encouraged to do so, but unconditionally. The Greek interpretation of love is threefold: Love between two people, who are affectionate towards each other, love between friends and the love of God, which is greatly emphasized in the Bible.
    It sounds like your predicament is a one way affectionate feeling for someone, which may not be mutual. The Bible says that two cannot walk together unless they are in agreement. There needs to be dialog, you cannot assume someone’s feelings for you, you have to accomplish the difficult task of asking them, being as honest as possible. This is the first step towards solving the challenge that you now face.
    You have to be prepared, however, for any kind of answer, while its good to be optimistic, keep an open mind, and pray about it. I will do the same for you, so do not fret, your heavenly Father knows exactly what you are going through.
    Again, I emphasize, there is no law against loving someone, and most of the time, its the most costliest thing that we endeavor in. But that is the Christian way, giving, and not expecting anything in return.
    I will be praying for you, and I’m certain that God will quell the storm for you.

  5. Phew! thanks for the response and the effort you have put to research on this. First i want to let you know i really appreciate its such a devotion you have to take time to help others get strong and keep on with journey!! bless your heart.

    Secondly, your research and post is very helpful i guess there is always a voice that tells me to ask him but then the fear of getting disappointed or finding out that he doesn’t feel the same way takes the better part of me. This has made me to hurt people that i care for and i guess if this is it then i will have to get myself together and ask him, am sure i’ll need those prayers so keep them coming.
    P.s: its hurting to find out that he doesn’t feel the same way but yet i can’t seek to get over him coz on the other hand there is no law against loving someone and so i have to live with the feel and not receiving it back. dissappointing right?

    Anyways, i totally get your point and at this level i think its the best advice i have received so far and am gonna get myself together and deal with this once and for all.

    Thanks a bunch.


    xo xo

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