I listened to Joyce Meyer this morning and realized that I needed to heed to what Deuteronomy 8:3 says….’that man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord…’

This blog is my daily devotional. There is just no escaping the daily need for the word of God for every Christian. I spend a lot of time on-line and reading my emails, so i decided to blog every devotional thought that comes my way.

If you would like to contribute, come and walk with me, start a-fresh…..we can become friends on Facebook.
Please add a message in your friends’ request, passively mentioning this blog (…Smile…)

There may be some punctuation and grammar issues-but bear with me-most of these posts are done on my cellphone.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Tito,

    Love the blog. The idea behind is so poignant and true. I will try to read it every day and maybe even contribute.

    God bless you,


  2. Thanks Tito for the email and your prayers. You are very true; every Christian needs to read and study the Word of God. And I have read lately of testimonies when they say that they read the Word and through it they were saved. The Word of God is powerful. We walk by faith and not by sight!
    Are you driving a car these days? Thanks for the picture.

  3. Hi Tata,
    Thanks for the comment. No, I wasn’t driving, I was fooling around in my friends car!
    The word of God carries the basis of our existence, it is the essence of our being. Denying it presents imminent death. God bless, Tata.

  4. The intensity of the fight will bring victory and much more enjoyable will be for them that actually encouraged, led a prayer and never gave up on the walk towards the goal.
    Lets keep walking, we got the map! 🙂

    God bless you Tito and everyone who shares what has been learned here with another to increase the kingdom of God!

  5. Led by God, I strive to live
    As though any Christian did.
    A life that was clean and just
    A life like all believers must.
    It’s hard to say that all I do
    I do for the Glory of God’s Truth.
    I try and try, but I have to accept.
    that I can never be made perfect.
    So glad am I that from this place.
    I will leave and live in Grace.
    Love was poured out in His Blood
    from the Anointed of the Heavenly Dove.
    Because of this, I do have hope
    I’ll walk the streets of gold.
    Eternal Life has been given me.
    I will eat of the life-giving tree.
    After all that I have been through,
    One thing, I know, is true.
    That because God’s Love will never cease
    In Him, I have found my peace.
    So led by God, I will strive to live and keep on walking for with Him i’ll safely reach the goal.

    How are you Tito? Praying for you!


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