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Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning James 1:17

Our God has one face. His consistency, personality and reliability has never changed, He is still the same. Which makes His rock solid reliable.

I was watching a TV show last night, just before I turned in and I happened to note one of the comments made in one scene..

Relationships are based on trust…

That was interesting, cause statement was made in finality. Any relationship that is not based on trust is generally not genuine. I tend to agree with that statement, and which is why the greatest pain we experience daily is mostly caused by those closest to us, either they broke the trust accorded them, or we suspect them through  mistrust.

One of my favorite musicians once said in one of his songs that “suspicion is the new religion”  (Switchfoot, Selling the News), where a vast number of Christians basically have very unhealthy relationships, and there is little or no trust between each other. This could ether point to a lack of God in their lives such that trust is a natural dispense, or that we all know we have nothing in common, i.e., we are hypocritical.

Jesus once said that the world would believe us if we all be one.

Two cannot walk together unless there is a prior agreement. We cannot afford to be multifaceted, who needs that?

Show your real face and suspect everyone, or allow God to transform you to a trusting, reliable, uni-faceted person.

Let’s take a walk…

One thought on “Uni-faceted…

  1. Why is it that a staunch christian will trust God fully and without reservation or question?
    As mentioned above, his consistency,personality and reliability….three traits that cannot be found in man in the same degree that they are found in God.
    Man is subject to error and to be realistic and rational, he can only be trusted to a certain extent.
    In God, we trust.
    In man, trust but verify.

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